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A long time ago in a land faraway

On a boat ride between Belgium and Britain, an English woman and an American serviceman met, fell in love and fast-forward past my sister's birth, little Kevin Ready came into this world.

Back and forth between the UK and the USA, college in California, France and the Netherlands. Along the way, I learned Spanish, JavaScript, French, Dutch, music and a bunch of other things. These days, I code for a living, ride my bike, play music and shoot a lot of 360 video.

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Which skills are the most relevant to a position or project? Before software and hardware, people skills and communication are essential ingredients in successful endeavors. Familiarity with ecosystems and the way that things work together are also vital skills in today's diverse technology structures.

It has been my good fortune to have worked with many technologies and skilled co-workers over the course of my career. I am an active member of a number of developer communities and am most interested in work that pushes the boundaries of rich media, including video, sound and 360 content. Here are some of the frameworks and applications that I use regularly.

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Work History

Since being the primary author on two early books on HTML and JavaScript, I have worked for startups as well as established companies in teams from one to twenty or more in size. My role is generally as a lead or senior programmer, occasionally managing and mentoring. Recent projects are listed here. In addition to these are many smaller projects with repeat clients, training and assisting with migration to modern frameworks.




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